Akiko Kanazawa LP – Wakai min’yō Tsugaru o utau (1977)

Japanese folk & enka singer, Akiko Kanazawa won a min-yō contest hosted by Nippon Min-yō Kyōkai in 1970 and her career was launched. Her debut album is “若い民謡” (translated into “Young Folk Songs”) released in March 1976.

This second LP title translates as “Singing the young folk song Tsugaru”, as an adaptation of folk music by or for young people. Kanazawa sings in her particular high pitched tone, and is accompanied by shamisen (guitar or luth), taiko (drum), other percussions and sometimes by a shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and other singers.

A beautiful and well recorded album for those into traditional Japan.

Listen here.

EX to NM record. NM sleeve. Comes with obi.


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