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This category contains all the Soundtracks BGM Library Music records available from the Nezumi Records catalog.

From Jazz to Funk, but also ambient music, moody, funny or just weird. Anime soundtracks (BGM) and erotic/romantic movies OSTs are also displayed here. As well as Japanese pressings of occidental classics or exploitation movies, science-fiction and horror movie soundtracks.

When possible, you may find Traditional Japanese instruments like Shamisen, Shakuhachi bamboo flute and Koto. Especially if it’s Wamono and Showa era music. Let’s not forget sampling material for music producers, as well as groovy records about samurais and gangsters, cats and cars, trains and planes and more soundtracks, BGM (BackGround Music) and library music.

All records have clear pictures and sound clips or links to listening platforms. I have also added some historical facts when the information was available.


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