Great Mazinger TV BGM OST LP – Chumei Watanabe (2021)

For years, the late maestro Chumei Watanabe was one of the top anime soundtrack composers in Japan. He left us last year but his work lives on, and here’s a great LP to discover. “Great Mazinger” contains all the ingredients you need to dive back into the funky TV series.

Great Mazinger (グレートマジンガー, Gurēto Majingā) is a Japanese manga comic book and anime television series by manga artist Go Nagai. The story is a sequel and direct continuation of Mazinger Z series after its initial success. The series was aired on Japanese television in 1974, immediately following the end of the first Mazinger series. It ran for 56 episodes.

Listen to the music HERE.

Brand new record and sleeve. Comes with fold-out obi.


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