The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane OST 7′ – Christian Gaubert (1976)

Christian Gaubert, the French arranger of Francis Lai (and Mireille Mathieu) in the seventies, delivers here his own soundtrack for the Nicolas Gessner movie “The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane”. Starring a young Jodie Foster, Martin Sheen and Mort Shuman, the movie will mark Foster’s choices for drama and horror.

The music, a mix of high-caliber orchestral and jazz-funk is typical of Gaubert’s work of the time, reminding me of another great one : “La Baby Sitter“.

Listen (until the end) to sides A and B.

EX- record (clean promo white labels, a few tics here and there). EX- single paper cover (tape mark). Comes with original white world map company sleeve.