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DJ Dom-e

(aka Nezumi Dom, Le Renard, Domi. K, Domee, D+)

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A bit of history :

Believe it or not, I started playing records in 1995. At the start it was garage punk, 60’s pop, soul, ska and R&B at home parties, bars in my hometown of Montpellier and in nearby cities. But I really started to dive into DJing when I decided to move to London in 1997. I was working during the day and at night playing a mixture of soul & funk, drum & bass and reggae, in various south to north London pubs and bars where I managed to get residencies and one-off gigs for 4 years.

In 2001, I decided to move back to France, in Paris and continued to haggled my way into the bar scene in my neighborhood of Belleville and all around the city. I met hardcore diggers in flea markets and record stores, like Vincent Jedwab (Victor Kiswell), Gwen Jamois (iueke), DJ Peeer (Play it Kick It!), DJ Pal (Big Cheese records) and rejoined with others mates from London and south of France who also moved there. 

Being also a drummer in different bands, I started collecting breaks, soundtracks, library records and jazz as well as soul and funk 45s. Soon enough, I managed to get residencies at Les 9 Billards, Le Batofar, and Le Divan du Monde among other places.

In 2006, I launched Sausage Records, and reissued six records that I sold online all over the world. But as people weren’t much interested in sevens inches at the time, I decided to close shop a few years later. Nevertheless, my mixes and reissues built interest for live performances and I was booked to play in Barcelona, Fribourg in Switzerland, London and other cities in France.

In late 2007, I got a proposal from a musician friend to follow up with his freshly-ended residency in a club of the Parmentier area. I jumped on the opportunity and with DJ El Superfreak, we started the Soul Parade Club night at L’Alimentation Générale. A great adventure that lasted more than 10 years and the only regular club night dedicated to old-school black music in Paris. 

The aim was to bring to a non-initiated dancefloor the styles of music that we always loved : northern soul, raw R&B, soul jazz, latin boogaloo, afro funk, library music and soundtracks but also groovy rock & roll, early ska and rocksteady and sometimes disco and hip-hop. We invited many people behind the decks and every time the place was packed with clubbers, dancing and making out in corners. 

I was also lucky to put together a few live gigs : the likes of Calibro 35 (twice), The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, Mr Day, Kicca & Intrigo, Lefties Soul Connection, Les Rivals and others.

In the summer of 2010, while visiting my hometown, I met organist Igor at the Rockstore, who told me his band Les Rivals was looking for a new drummer. When I returned to Paris, I got an email on Myspace from RV, the band’s guitarist, asking me to join in. So I joyfully embarked on a five-year trip into garage pop and psychedelic punk reuniting with my first love in music, the sixties sound. Les Rivals released three singles and one LP, all of which are very wild experiences.

DJing and drumming in Paris was a blast, but in 2015, after visiting Japan for a month, I decided to move to Amami Oshima with my wife. Of course I took some records with me, I played in Tokyo but mostly in Amami and Kagoshima, in the southern island of Kyushu. Over there, I met some of the most dedicated and passionate music lovers. In Kumamoto, I was even invited to play only Nippon soul, rock and funk on seven inches! That’s how I started digging and selling Japanese vinyl. 

After coming back to France, I could not refrain from playing records again, and starting Nezumi had given me another purpose : to make people know more about Japanese music and to dig it as much as I do! That’s what I’m still doing, trying to find gigs and sharing my love of music.

I will keep on playing that old-school sound on 100% vinyl because that’s what I always did and that’s what I love doing. Be it from Japan or every other place on earth, discovering and sharing music always brings lifetimes of rewards, so watch out because I will always be playing somewhere near or close to your ears!

This is some of the gigs I took part in over the years :

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