SOLD – Isao Suzuki Trio / Quartet LP – Blow Up (1977)

The third press of this cult LP is also one highly coveted album among jazz aficionados worldwide. Bass and cello player Isao Suzuki is a legend in Japan, he was a member of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers in the early 1970s.

Known as the ‘Jazz Godfather’, he recorded this LP in 1973 with fellow partners Takashi Mizuhashi on bass, George Otsuka on drums, Kunihiko Sugano on Piano and Kazumi Watanabe on guitar. 

This modal, bop and fusion-funk LP was produced by Takeshi Fujii for Three Blind Mice Records, Inc. and reissued about five times in the seventies for good reason, the first press is not an easy one to lay hands on.
Listen to the full LP HERE.