SOLD – George Miyamoto and Erotica Seven 5′ – Onna no ne goto (1970)

Now this is a very special record. It’s size : 5′. It’s a picture disc. It was only released for the sex-shop market in Japan. It’s got a gatefold sleeve with great artwork and a cute little cardboard stand. It’s label : Eros Record (says it all really). Most of all, it features another version of the tough x-rated funk number that is also on Pinky Record N°2.

Band name is G. Miyamoto and Erotica Seven but other aliases include “Blue Seven Ensemble” or  “Ensemble Vuisadou”. Typical name change of famous musicians under contract with other record companies. So far, only three releases appear on that label, all picture discs and all beautiful items. Needless to say, all of those are very hard to come by.

Listen to “Side A” and “Side B“.