Condor! OST 7′ – Dave Grusin (1975)

“Inspired by a film which he describes as terrific, Grusin’s task was to evoke the predicament of a man with a complex and inventive mind whose every decision was one of life or (his own) death.

The result was a score many people – both fan and critic alike – rank as one of his top five, for the way it uses jazz, not only to achieve this cerebral effect, but also to reflect the surrealistic circumstances which are at the heart of “Three Days of the Condor” itself.  Condor had this kind of dark atmosphere to it,” notes Dave Grusin, and he tied this aspect together with the contemporary setting via rhythm and blues (”

Listen to the A side and to the B side.

EX record. EX- single paper cover (small pen mark on front). Comes with original Toshiba-Emi company sleeve.


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