SOLD – Black/white vinyl records Tenugui

A Tenugui (手拭い), literally “hand-wiper”, is a thin Japanese hand towel made from cotton. Typically, tenugui are about 14 by 35 inches in size, plain woven, and almost always dyed with some pattern. Usually the long sides are finished with a selvage, and the short sides are just cut and so soon show some fraying. A tenugui may be used as a flannel (washcloth) or dishcloth. They are often used as headbands, souvenirs, decorations, or for wrapping bottles and similar items. Tenugui are still popular as head covering in kendo and in many other physical activities, where it mainly functions as a sweatband. I personally use them as scarf in the winter and sweatband in the summer. Very practical and ecological, they’ve been part of my everyday life for a few years now.

These are limited edition Ongaku Tenugui made in 100% cotton by Ton Son in Japan, in collaboration with Tenugui specialty store Kawamanu and Disk Union.

Size is 33x90cm. Brand New, never used.