SOLD – Yuzo Kayama & The Launchers LP – All about Yuzo (19??)

Yūzō Kayama is a Japanese popular musician and film star, born on 11 April 1937. His father, Ken Uehara, was a film star during the 1930s. He became a star in the 1960s in the Wakadaishō (Young Guy) film series. As a guitarist, he took inspiration from the American instrumental group The Ventures, and performed a form of psychedelic surf music in the 1960s with his Mosrite guitar.

This LP, a blend of ballads and scorching surf music is up there as a classic Japanese rock LP.

Listen to Black Sand Beach, Los Angeles 2nd Festival.

EX record. EX- gatefold sleeve (light yellowing inside). Comes with obi and attached insert.