SOLD – Paris Interdit OST 7′ – The Movieland Orchestra (1970)

This is an interesting release, once again only in Japan! “Paris interdit” is a Belgian mondo style documentary by Jean-Louis Van Belle. It pictures the unusal Paris of 1969. Crazy and disturbing, it stages 15 different authentic people who lead, individually, singular activities. It includes a woman who goes publicly nude on a bet, a family man wearing an anti-radiation suit in fear of the end of the world, a man who believes he’s a vampire…

Oddly enough, this documentary never saw a music release anywhere but in Japan. Both composer (Koji Umino) and arranger (Go Misawa) were selected by Van Belle to create the soundtrack. The music is interpreted by The Movieland Orchestra.

This super rare 7 inch has a nice bossa nova tune on the B side titled “Christine”.