Minoru Muraoka & Life Theatres LP – Shakuhachi Rock Enka-Hen (1970)

Most of you may know top bamboo flautist Muraoka san via the famous Bamboo LP and its long funky jam “The Positive and the Negative”. This lesser-known LP, that is part of the “Shakuhachi Rock” series of four albums, is nonetheless very (very) good. The Life Theatres formation which comprises of five musicians including Minoru san makes the whole experience quite minimalistic and unique in sound. This volume revisits popular enka songs with a cool feeling. Expect fat drums, killer loops, jazz guitar and Farfisa-like organ sound, with bamboo flute of course. One of the dopest Japanese LPs ever.

Oh and unlike the Bamboo LP, it has not been reissued, yet.

Listen up brothers and sisters!

EX record. EX cardboard gatefold sleeve. No obi.


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