SOLD – Meiko Kaji 7′ – Gin Cho Wataridori / Gin Cho Blues (1972)

Also known as “Wandering Ginza Butterfly”, this single is the only official release of the eponymous movie soundtrack sung by cult Japanese actress and enka singer Meiko Kaji. The movie is a 1972 Japanese gangster film directed by Kazuhiko Yamaguchi, and co-written with Isao Matsumoto. It stars Meiko Kaji and Tsunehiko Watase. It was followed with a 1972 sequel entitled Gincho Nagaremono: Mesuneko Bakuchi. Although the movie soundtrack was penned by Toshiaki Tsushima, it’s uncertain who wrote and arranged the music on this single, if anyone has more information, it would be greatly appreciated.

Listen to both sides HERE.