SOLD – Blues Creation LP – Demon & Eleven Children (1975)

In need for something heavier? Here’s Blues Creation’s third LP. Walls of distorted and wah-wah guitars, fat drums and English vocals. The band was formed in 1969 by guitarists Kazuo Takeda and Koh Eiryu and singer Fumio Nunoya following the dissolution of their group sounds band The Bickies. In October ’69 they released their self-titled debut album of American blues covers. After some line-up changes, August 1971 saw the release of their first album of original material, Demon & Eleven Children. That year they also released Carmen Maki & Blues Creation, which had the band fronted by female vocalist Carmen Maki.

This copy is a 1975 issue, very rare but not as the first Denon press which can reach prices of up to 800€!

Listen to the full LP here.