SOLD – Taiyo ni hoero “Original Soundtrack Collection” Vol. 3 x2LP – V/A ‎(1985)

The third and last volume of the famous TV series “Taiyo ni hoero – Original Soundtrack Collection” contains background music, opening themes and more from 1976 and from 1980 to 1984. Another treat by Katsuo Ohno, Free Ways, Inoue Takayuki Band and Katsuo Ohno Band. From disco-pop to funky rock, and slower atmospheric numbers, this double LP is a great addition to the series with more pictures, a single insert and a gatefold insert containing all the tracks lists of the series LPs. Again, for beat-heads, there are so many things to sample here!

At Nezumi, you can also get some of the individual LPs here, here and there and you can listen to some tracks taken from this double LP, including this one.